Terms and Conditions

Read Carefully

1. Each person may have only one account. Having multiple accounts will lead to termination of all accounts involed with the individual.

2. The use of any sort of automated tool, bots or adblockers to cheat the system is strictly forbidden and can lead to complete account termination.

3. Payments are sent in the weekends once you have reached a minimum balance of 25000 satoshi.

4. All members earn 100% of their referral bitcoin claim and 50% of their referral trillpoint earnings.

5. 1 Trillpoint is an equivilent of 1 USD. Trillpoints get converted to bitcoins on the 5th of every month and amount gets added to your balance.

6. We pay members for every unique visitors brought to the Trillestclicks. View list of approved sites Here

7. All members may own unlimited number of referrals

8. All members are required to make at least one claim a day. If you do not claim today, you will not receive your complete share of bitcoins tomorrow. A certain amount of bitcoin will be deducted from your pending claim balance and returned to the reserve for other members to earn it.

9. All personal information requested by Trillestclicks will be kept safe, private and will never be shared or sold.

How it Works on Trillestclicks

We pay our members 80% of our weekly banner ads revenue. i.e. 80% the previous week revenue is distributed among the members during next week satoshi claims. As a result, we are unable to tell how much satoshi you can earn in a day but this guarantees a stable site. There is no limit on how much bitcoin you can earn.